Paises de América Latina

Prueba de geografía de América Latina (19 questions)

Spanish Slang

Test your knowledge of Spanish slang! (10 questions)

Ser or Estar - Intermediate

Which verb to use? (12 questions)

Ser or Estar - Advanced

More complex questions on this (15 questions)

Por or Para - Intermediate

Which preposition to use? (14 questions)

Qué or Cuál? - Intermediate

Which question word to use? (10 questions)

Spelling test on accents - Intermediate

Listen to a word and choose the correct spelling (18 questions)

Connectors - intermediate

Sentence connectors and conjunctions (10 questions)

Imperfect or preterite? - Advanced

Which tense to use? (10 questions)

Clase 4a

Tarea para clase 4 - parte A (12 questions)

Clase 4b

Tarea para clase 4 - parte B (3 questions)

Clase 4c

Tarea para clase 4 - parte C (3 questions)

Clase 7a

Tarea para clase 7 - parte A (4 questions)