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All our teachers are native speakers, from Spain or Latin America.



¡Hola! I'm Carmen from the Dominican Republic. I've been living in Manchester for two years after graduating from university.



I'm Luz from Spain. I was a teacher in Valencia before moving to Stratford-upon-Avon 2 years ago.


"I wanted to learn Spanish, but live a long way from a college, so learning via Skype with Spanish Shack is ideal for me."
Andrew, Scottish Highlands
"As I work shifts it's hard for me to go to night school to learn Spanish. With online classes I can book whenever I'm free, and I always get the same teacher."
John, Newcastle
"I have online classes in the afternoon while my baby is sleeping. Learning Spanish with Spanish Shack is a great way to keep my mind active."
Marguerite, Staffordshire


We can tailor a class to whatever you need but as an example:

For Beginners

If you've never done any Spanish before, then we'll teach you how to get by in Spain or Latin America with basics such as ordering in a restaurant, booking a hotel, asking directions and bartering in the market.

For Intermediates and Advanced

Maybe you have already picked up the basics, or studied Spanish O-level, GCSE or A-level at school and want to brush-up before going on holiday, or you want to perfect your Spanish and learn some colloquial phrases so you can get the locals laughing at your jokes.

For Children

For GCSE Spanish and Key Stage 1 to 3, or for bilingual children who want to maintain their Spanish living in the UK.


If you're not interested in grammar and just want an hour or two per week speaking in Spanish then this for you.


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With an online class via Skype you can talk to our tutors from wherever you are. All you need is a computer, Skype and a headset.

We'll email you all the materials you need before the class.

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